Our ambition is that every child in Medway enjoys an Outstanding Education

The Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP)

Designed by OLEVI and facilitated by experienced school leaders and teachers, the Outstanding Teacher Programme gives good and outstanding teachers a set of high level skills and strategies that enable them to become consistently and sustainably outstanding.

Utilised in the London and City Challenge Projects and endorsed by the National College, the OTP has gained a national reputation for raising standards in teaching and learning.


To provide teachers with:

  • the ability to demonstrate higher level understanding of teaching and improve learning for their pupils
  • the ability to coach colleagues and pupils in their own school and in other schools to raise performance levels
  • the ability to create a proactive school culture where the quality of teaching and learning is openly observed, discussed, challenged and enhanced
  • increased professional satisfaction and create opportunities for further leadership and career progression


"Following the introduction of the OTP the school received an ‘Outstanding’ grade for Teaching and Learning. We believe this was a direct result of the OTP – all the teachers graded ‘Outstanding’ had attended the programme."

Kieran Osborne, Principal, Hayes School


To give the teaching profession the tools and strategies; challenge and inspiration to engage in excellence – raising the quality of teaching practice to ensure every student in every school enjoys outstanding teaching and learning outcomes.

The programme is a key part of the OLEVI portfolio of school-to-school support which is helping to increase capacity and drive up standards in schools. Among many benefits, this programme helps teachers to become consistently outstanding in all their professional activities and have a significant impact on how people achieve.

The Outstanding Teacher Programme:

  • provides in-depth coaching to deepen teachers’ understanding of outstanding classroom practice. Participants improve through facilitated practice activities as structured opportunities to reflect on teaching approaches and their quality and impact
  • introduces and consolidates new knowledge and skills, and focus on what makes teaching and learning outstanding
  • requires learning 3s to prepare and present at an outstanding level to the whole delegate group for evaluation against DR ICE®
  • forms part the school’s professional development provision as this supports the implementation of agreed best practice and national agendas
  • provides strong input on the progression against the professional standards of excellence. This programme is crucial for teachers involved in developing Leadership in Teaching and Learning


This programme is open to teachers with the potential and capacity to deliver consistently outstanding lessons, and who want to develop a mindset of excellence.

Applicants need to demonstrate:-

  • strong commitment to Teaching and Learning and show that they are inspiring individuals with strong interpersonal skills and who are role models for students
  • some recognition that indicates that they have the ability to become outstanding teachers
  • a commitment to professional development and the ability to truly reflect on their practice, including using student feedback to evaluate the impact of their teaching
  • a willingness to develop their ability to influence and empower peers to excel


An external evaluation of this programme, led by professor Peter Matthews, reports that participants become much more reflective about their teaching and much more aware of how to make their lessons consistently outstanding. This includes placing greater emphasis on:

  • the purpose of the value of their lessons
  • raising levels of engagement in learning
  • the use of different teaching styles to challenge learning
  • greater readiness to innovate and take risks
  • more reflective planning.

Most participants find the coaching element a highlight, enabling them to understanding the importance of the relationship between ‘outstanding teaching’ and ‘professional coaching’. The impact of the programme is reinforced through independent assessments by schools using qualified inspectors, review teams or external assessors.

Successful participants have achieved more formal recognition in the form of Specialist Leaders in Education (SLE) accreditation. More informal achievements have been recognised with endorsed coaching qualifications and Leadership responsibilities in Teaching and Learning back in their own school.


The programme is facilitated over a 10 week period and consists of three full days, 4 x 1/2 day sessions, plus 3 sessions of in-school practice where peer planning and observation can take place. Secondary schools need to release three teachers for the programme as coaching takes place in learning 3s; PRUs, primary and special schools prefer to release one teacher as members of the primary learning 3s can come from local cluster schools.


£500 per delegate/ £1200 for 3 delegates from the same school

Please can you complete the form attached and return it to Sarah Smith via email smiths@sjwms.co.uk or direct to Cathy Reid at neecha@thehowardschool.co.uk


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