Our ambition is that every child in Medway enjoys an Outstanding Education


Opportunities in every meeting to :

  • Share 'good' practice
  • Receive local and national updates
  • Network with colleagues


1. Thursday 18 October 2018, 1.15-4.00 pm, Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School
- SENCO/Inclusion Managers clinic
- SEND Learning Walks and systems for monitoring pupil progress
- Coaching to build capacity in staff
- Pupil Premium Review
- Local & National Updates

2. Thursday 17 January 2019, 1.15-4.00 pm, venue TBC
- Peer coaching - use for staff & pupils
- Self-Evaluation - work scrutiny, planning & action plans
- Developing Early Maths Skills
- Meta Cognition & Self-Regulated Learning
- Local & National Updates

3. Thursday 9 May 2019, 1.15-4.00 pm, venue TBC
- Transition & information sharing - an opportunity for primary & secondary SENCOs &
Inclusion managers to handover pupil information to support transition
-  Local & National Updates

4. Thursday 20 June 2019, 1.15-4.00 pm, venue TBC
- Using Augmented Alternative Communication (AAC) to support language
- EAL Support for pupils with SEND
- Year planner
- TEACCH - Support for learning pupils with ASD
- Local & National Updates

This is a free of charge forum but a £15 administration fee will be incurred for non-attendees or late cancellations.  Please see our terms & conditions for full details.





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the_mtsa - June 15
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the_mtsa - June 10
Today was the final Professional Studies for our 2018/19 cohort of trainees https://t.co/JAnzTyqRrU
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the_mtsa - May 24
Mornings won't be the same in office without you on the radio. We will miss you all 🙂
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the_mtsa - May 23
You are invited to the Primary School Prom 'From Stage to Screen' on Thursday 18th July register by emailing rlock.org https://t.co/SlhmVbZWVT
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Very proud of and SLEs who facilitated a huge amount of system leader work last night on behalf of including music forum, EYFS forum and planning subject leader support
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the_mtsa - May 22
NLE, LLE AND SLEs all in the same room
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the_mtsa - May 15
NPQ Scholarship Programme funding for 2019/20 has been confirmed. Looking forward to continue working with & Gravesham Learning Partnership
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the_mtsa - May 13
Busy in the MTSA office today with trainees working on their evidence bundles and using our facilities Nice to spend time gaining their feedback on the programme
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