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Team-Teach Positive Handling Training

Ref: Team Teach Positive Handling Training
Price: £95.00
Date: 24/09/19 - 24/09/19
Time: 09:00 - 16:00
Type: CPD Course
Target: Adults working in education
Training Venue: The Pavilion, SJWMSME1 3EL

This full day course provides an introduction to the Team-Teach model of Positive Handling Training. It covers policy and guidance, the legal framework, de-fusion, de-escalation and diversion along with personal safety, holds, guides and escorts.

Health and Safety Legislation requires employers to provide clear guidance and training to reduce risk where risk is foreseeable. All staff who may need to hold or move a child/young person should have been trained. Team-Teach training is designed to help employers and employees who have a duty of care to fulfil that duty.

Further information can be found here.

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the_mtsa - September 13
We agree! Thank you so much!
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the_mtsa - September 9
Our first CPLD event of the year is underway! Welcome to all those working with to complete their RWI phonics training - have a great couple of days! https://t.co/SkjinY5pAU
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the_mtsa - July 18
Fantastic to be part of this great event. Already looking forward to next year - think we must make it an office outing for the whole team 😊 https://t.co/zZEBejvtNY
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the_mtsa - July 18
Congratulations to Ellen who received the award for Trainee Teacher of the Year /19 https://t.co/7pkcKMSTNn
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Just been to a fantastic performance the ‘Primary Schools Prom’ from , , , and Sarah Mann (of ). A great way to introduce young children to the world of music! https://t.co/qVy7DFMpwr
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the_mtsa - July 18
The Primary School Prom is underway! 🎼 https://t.co/JMJDc9jmfB
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