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Posted on: 11/07/2019

Scholarship Funding
We are very pleased to inform you that National Professional Qualification (NPQ) Scholarship Funding for the 2019/20 financial year (April 2019 to March 2020) has been confirmed.

This means that:

  • Based on previous recruitment numbers, we will continue to fund the full offer up to the end of March 2020
  • The eligibility criteria remain unchanged, i.e. participants working in a category 5 or 6 area, and those working in MATs or dioceses which cover those areas, will be eligible.  

We hope this will be welcome news for you and your school leaders!

Programme descriptions can be found on the LLSE website and the application forms for NPQH and NPQEL.


The NPQSL programme has been set for :

Induction Thurs 19 Sept 2019-4-6
F2F1 Weds 9 Oct 9.30-4
F2F2 Weds 13 Nov
F2F3 Thurs 27 Feb
Assessment workshop  10-12 TBC


The NPQML programmes has been set for :

Induction Twilight – 3rd October
F2F Day 1 – 10th October
Assessment Twilight for current cohort – 10th October
F2F Day 2 – 28th November
F2F Day 3 – 16th January
F2F Day 4 – 5th March
Assessment Twilight – 2nd April


Please ask colleagues to complete the relevant application forms (NPQML & NPQSL), including their Teacher Reference Numbers, and return to sarah.smith@mtsa.co.uk at their earliest opportunity.  Or visit the LLSE website if appropriate for that programme (NPQH & NPQEL).

Please do submit an application form.

Please complete the NPQML application form / NPQSL application form and return to smiths@mtsa.co.uk