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Developing a progression of skill:
By clicking the link above, this evidence shows a progression of skill through a well planned art topic relating to 'clay monkey's'. First the children have looked at the artist Frida Khalo's, they have discussed the context of her work within history and have clearly mapped out all they have learnt about the artist.  The children have then reviewed the work of Frida Khalo, discussing what they can see, the colours she has used, the materials and skills used, the impact of her art work and how they can use this as inspiration for their own work. Moving on from this, the children have meticulously designed their own clay monkeys,  considering the skills and techniques they will use to make as well as the tools they will use through annotated drawings linking to the national curriculum objects. Continuing to build upon their skills, the children have then been given the opportunity to create their own clay monkey using their proposed plan, they then have assessed and critiqued their own work in relation to Frida Khalo.


Mapped progression of skill through EYFS to Year 6;
By clicking the link above,this document shows a progression of skill using the national curriculum objects from EYFS through to Year 6. The skills have been broken down into both Art and Design and Technology and are clearly differentiated through each year group. The national curriculum objectives in art are broken down into 'art learning' referencing to the focus of each week and the 'art techniques' references to the skills the children should be learning throughout the year. The skills progress each year and although some are repeated it is evident that children are required to build upon these skills as they progress into each year group. Similarly, the design and technology objectives are placed into categories of 'DT cooking and nutrition' as well as DT processes'. These are built upon in each year group and a clear progression of skill between year groups is evident. This document can be used to aid the planning of Art/DT within schools to ensure coverage of the national curriculum within each year group but to also ensure as schools we are enabling our children a creatively rich curriculum which challenges them and increases their knowledge and their skill set with each year.