Project 1 : Resource 1

‘These resources have been produced as part of the Languages Support Programme, funded by the DfE and mangaged by CfBT Education Trust. The responsibility for content creation and quality assurance lies with individual TSA.’

Primary Languages Project
Preliminary Questionnnaire

  1. Which Modern Foreign Language qualifications do you have?
  2. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being very confident and 1 not being confident at all, how assured are you in assisting the delivery of French in your school?
  3. Which language(s) are currently taught at your school and to which year group?
  4. Do you feel you have sufficient access to resources to teach French?
  5. Which of the following topics do you cover in Key Stage 2:
    Classroom equipment
    The alphabet
    Where you live
    The time
    Other (please specify)
  6. How do you assess pupil’s progress in French?
    reading/listening/speaking/writing (delete as appropriate)
    Formal leveled assessments
    Hot spotting
    Other (please specify)
  7. Do you currently have a scheme of work in place for language provision?
  8. Currently how much time do you dedicate per week to learning French?
  9. Currently do you mark pupil’s French work with a National Curriculum Level?
  10. Do you complete any transitional documentation with regard to MFL?
  11. Which of the following areas do you feel you need help with:
    Useful teaching strategies
    Pronunciation and Intonation
    Delivery of classroom instructions in the Target Language
    Assessment of National Curriculum Levels
    Assessment strategies
    Writing strategies
  12. Do you currently have any French displays in your school/classroom?
  13. Do you currently participate in school trips to France?
  14. Do you have access to bi-lingual dictionaries to practice reference skills?