Project 2 : Background

Background to Project 2: Developing Speaking (AT2) Skills in Secondary Schools

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A secondary focussed project with an emphasis on developing speaking skills to improve spontaneity in key stage 3. Primary schools were involved to the extent that students from secondary schools were empowered to use their language skills as ‘language leaders’ in the primary schools at one off events delivered by the secondary school students to partner primary schools.

The following schools have been involved in the project:

  • Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School (SJWMS)
  • Hundred of Hoo
  • Robert Napier
  • Brompton Academy

The overall project comprised of a number of mini projects:

  • Action Research
  • MFL half-days within each school to promote spontaneous use of target language
  • Training from outside consultant on Total Target Language Teaching
  • Deployment of secondary students for peer-work opportunities in Primary schools.

Resources available for Action Research

  • A copy of the Final Action Research project

Resources available for MFL half days

  • A copy of the session plan used at SJWMS
  • Session plans from other secondary schools will be available soon

Resources available from outside training in Total Target Language Teaching

  • Resumé of session
  • Evaluation form

Resources available from peer-work opportunities in primary schools

Resource available : Project 2 Output Resource 1 Action Research

  • Session plans and resources will be available soon.


Resource available : Project 2 Output Resource Action Research