NPQML Scholarships


The National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) is offering a number of Targeted Scholarships for the National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (NPQML). These Scholarships will start in Autumn 2014. We are seeking to award them to a diversity of high quality middle leaders in different roles, contexts and backgrounds who can fulfil the necessary criteria. The targeted scholarships will be worth £900 and will be deducted from the fee payable on enrolment to NPQML. There are other scholarships for those who do not meet the criteria for the targeted scholarship.  More information can be found here.

Scholarships will be awarded to successful applicants who can demonstrate they meet the following criteria:-

1. Demonstrate the potential, talent and serious intent to seek promotion to senior leader within 2 years
2. Is a middle leader in:-
coastal school

Should there be a high level of interest priority will be given to applicants from a school where middle leadership has been identified as an area for improvement in the most recent Ofsted inspection.

An application form is attached. You should submit your application form to by the 20th June 2014.

You will be notified of the result after the panel meeting planned for the 2nd July 2014.

Contact : Leadership Learning South East 01795 416800