The Enquiring Community

Research-engaged Alliance

In 2006, the National College published a report, Leading a Research Engaged School, that identified some key features of schools that place teacher-led enquiry at their heart. They found that a research-engaged school is one that:

  • Investigates key issues in teaching and learning

  • Uses enquiry for staff development

  • Turns data and experience into knowledge

  • Uses evidence for decision making

  • Promotes learning communities

MTSA is now working with Professor Graham Handscomb and CCCU to develop a framework for a ‘Research-engaged Alliance’. A small number of schools are leading the pilot:

  • Abbey Court
  • Delce Junior School
  • Hundred of Hoo
  • Sir Joseph Williamson’s
  • Thomas Aveling

Each school has audited its current research activity and has designed an approach for implementation in 2013/14. The schools are working together, with support from CCCU, NfER and Professor Handscombe, to share practice and identify ways in which working together can enhance the activity and its impact.

We are pleased to announce that we have recently been selected by The National College for Teaching and Learning to receive a grant and further support for this exciting project.