Marian Feeley

Marian Feeley has been teaching for eleven years and has held a variety of different posts within English Departments, as well as working as an Advanced Skills Teacher for six years. More recently, she has become an Assistant Headteacher at Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School with responsibility for CPD. Her work as an AST has been with a variety of both primary and secondary schools to help improve results and support students and staff, while in other schools her work has been more strategic, working with middle and senior managers to help support staff and improve results, including implementing target setting initiatives. She has provided mentoring and support to PGCE, GTP and NQT colleagues and is also an experienced examiner and moderator at Key Stages 2, 3, 4 and 5, which has developed her expertise in assessment. She has also worked as an APP ambassador, training and supporting colleagues in the implementation of this form of assessment and its practical uses in the classroom.

Marian has provided INSET to departments and schools on topics including AfL, delivering good and outstanding lessons, behaviour management, differentiation, engagement, and stretch and challenge with G&T students. As a Head of English and Literacy Co-ordinator within her own school, she can offer expertise on raising attainment and making rapid progress; using data to effectively set targets and make timely interventions, and many other facets of English leadership.

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