Peer support for school improvement

A core part of MTSA’s work is the identification and deployment of colleagues in partner schools who have expertise to share and a commitment to supporting the development of colleagues and other schools.

Support provided in this way shares expertise between partners, builds relationships and leads to improvement in the schools receiving the support. Importantly those who provide the support gain enormously from the experience of supporting others and of working in contexts other than their own school.

To build capacity support is provided through coaching and mentoring, helping colleagues to reflect on their own practice and to shape plans for development.

MTSA’s team of system leaders include middle and senior leaders, Headteachers, Chairs of Governors and School Business Managers.

Designated by the National College of Teaching and Leadership, our leaders of education have provided evidence of their own high standards and of their skills in supporting the development of others.

These leaders can be commissioned to provide support to their peers through 1-1 or group coaching, mentoring, or by supporting self-evaluation and improvement planning. Other expert leaders and practitioners from MTSA schools can also be brokered and deployed to meet specific school support needs.