Specialist Leaders of Education

Specialist Leaders of Education are middle or senior school leaders with capacity and skills to support colleagues in other schools. MTSA SLEs have a proven track record in their area of expertise and undertake training to ensure that the support they give is the best possible quality.

The role of the SLE is to support middle/senior leaders in other schools. Individual deployments will be based on need and demand; all deployment types will vary and there is no pre-defined time commitment. Each SLE has committed an average of 15 days a year.

SLE support is normally charged at a daily rate of £330, but currently MTSA has funding to offer support at a reduced rate.

To request support from an SLE contact us.


Primary SLEs

Secondary SLEs


Business Management SLEs

The information we gain from the MTSA Partners Audit will enable us to strategically organise their time to support partner schools.